Archive / April, 2013

Female Blue Maculatus

Blue Iridescent Sword

Once again the urge to create a new fish struck. So, today, while going through our blue mickey mouse maculatus, I imagined the iridescent blue of the platies on a swordtail. I selected a few female platies and, after some thought, picked a male swordtail to father the new color strain. Which sword and why […]


Duckweed and Chickens

The most feared phrase for our employees is “Go do duckweed.” Duckweed, sometime within the first couple of months of our operations, got introduced into the vats. It is impossible to eradicate; it can only be controlled…somewhat controlled. Since our livebearer vats contain fry, it’s not possible to simply net out the duckweed. Too many […]

Male Blushing Swordtail

White Mickey Mouse Sword

Today, while sorting through our White Mickey Mouse Maculatus Platies to select breeders for our breeding colony, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have this color pattern on a swordtail?” No sooner than thought, I set aside eight female platies. After finishing with the platies, I picked a large male Blushing Swordtail from our […]