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Green Sailfin Molly Male

Green Sailfin Molly

The photo is of a mature male Green Sailfin Molly. This is an aquarium strain fish we’ve been working on for quite some time. To develop this strain, we have crossed three wild sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna, P. petenensis, and P. velifera and have selected for large, colorful males. We raise all three of the […]

Adult Male Black Sailfin Molly

Black Sailfin Molly

The photo is of a mature Black Sailfin Molly. What doesn’t show well in the photo is the thin orange stripe on the top edge of his dorsal fin. We started raising mollies commercially in 1998, starting with Gold Sailfins, Red Leopard Lyretails, and Poecilia latipinna, San Antonio River. During some of my crosses using […]


Blue Mist Flower

The photo is of a single Blue Mist Flower (Eupatorium species) about three feet high and six feet across. This plant is covered in baby blue flowers for about six weeks in the fall. It is an important butterfly and bee plant. This particular plant is growing alongside one of our greenhouses next to a […]