Gold Mickey Mouse Maculatus

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The Gold Mickey Mouse Maculatus is a North American livebearer related to and in the same genus, Xiphophorus, as the swordtails. Most commercial strains of platies have mixed heritage, including ancestors from X. hellerii, X. maculatus and X. variatus. This fish is largely descended from X. maculatus. Males often reach 4cm (1.5 in.). Females are somewhat larger and much heavier. Both sexes have gold bodies and fins. Additionally, both sexes sport the “Mickey Mouse” pattern of a large black spot in the caudal peduncle (the head of the mouse) and two smaller spots, one each at top and bottom of the base of the caudal fin (the ears). This fish has no natural range, but of its ancestors hail from Mexican and Central America.

We acquired this strain from a commercial source in 2003. This strain breeds true for coloration and the mickey mouse pattern, although occasionally non-mickey mouse fry occur.

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