Poecilia orri, Roatan Island, Honduras

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Poecilia orri, Roatan Island, Honduras, a wild shortfin molly, is a North American livebearer related to and in the same genus, Poecilia, as the guppy and other mollies. This species is native to Honduras and Central America. We acquired this fish in April 2012 at an American Livebearer Association convention auction. The fish were originally collected by Rusty Wessel. We intend to maintain it as a species and also to use it to create new strains via hybridization with other Poecilia and with our commercial mollies. Males reach about 2.5 inches (6.35 cm). Females are somewhat larger and much heavier. This fish lives to be about three years of age. Male P. orri, Roatan Island, Honduras mollies have gray bodies and yellow to red caudals. Females have gray-green bodies.


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