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Pseudotropheus crabro is a mbuna cichlid from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa.This fish has been called Melanochromis crabro and M. ornatus. Our strain is from a commercial source. We acquired the strain in 2003. Males often reach 12.5cm (6 in.). Females are somewhat smaller. Males are, unusually for cichlids, the drab sex, with a purplish gray coloration with faint black bars. Some males sport a few blue flecks in the “shoulder” area. Females have yellow-gold bodies with faint dark bars and yellow fins. Juveniles of both sexes sport the adult female color pattern. This fish hails from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa.

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    I was caring for some African Cichlids and when the owner came to pick it up he put them in a cooelr to transport for a 7 hour drive. So when he arrived at his destination 9 out of 15 died. Oh he put salt in the cooelr to calm the fish down. What would have caused the fish to die?

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      Ravil, Your comment got misplaced and I just found it.
      I suspect they got too warm and the oxygen levels got too low during the trip. It is also possible the salinity change could kill them. What was the water volume and the amount of salt added? You can get inexpensive battery operated aerators from sporting goods stores. They will save a lot of fish during transport.

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