Redwag Plumetail Maculatus

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The Redwag Plumetail Maculatus is a North American livebearer related to and in the same genus, Xiphophorus, as the swordtails. Most commercial strains of platies have mixed heritage, including ancestors from X. helleri, X. maculatus and X. variatus. This fish is largely descended from X. maculatus. We developed this strain by crossing our Redwag Maculatus Platy to a Plumetail Platy we acquired at the 2004 ALA convention fish auction in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We then selected for both the plumetail characteristic and the proper color pattern. Males often reach 4cm (1.5 in.). Females are somewhat larger and much heavier. Both sexes have brilliant red bodies and black fins. Both sexes sport the plume in the middle of the caudal fin. This fish has no natural range, but of its ancestors hail from Mexican and Central America.

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1 review for Redwag Plumetail Maculatus

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Buying a plume tail platy online is a must, the extra point on the caudal looks like a rocket blasting off.

    My fish store had a few but I buy live fish online often, and there is a difference, the big chain pet store is just a mishmash, and sometimes I roll the dice, I don’t have to at Goliad Farms.

    If you never buy freshwater fish online, it’s easy, I’ve ordered hundreds in summer and winter. It skips sitting in a shared tank with other fish so no inter-breeding or diseases.

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