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Photo of three fingernail clams, Sphaerium corneum, on a finger.

Update on Fingernail Clams, Sphaerium corneum

Photo: Closeup of three Fingernail Clams, Sphaerium corneum, on a finger. Okay, I thought I could get away with a short blog (see my previous blog: http://goliadfarms.com/fingernail-clams-sphaerium-corneum/), but right off the bat its shortness and lack of natural history led to a question from Tim Gray, a fellow fish keeper and friend. He asked, “Do […]

Photo of Red Mangrove tree

Plant Filtration

Photo: Red Mangrove tree in the plant filter. One aspect of our hatchery systems we use to raise fish that always seems to fascinate hobbyists when I speak at fish clubs is our plant filtration system. Goliad Farms exclusively uses plant filtration designed by us through trial and error. We have no carbon or mechanical […]

California Bound

I’ll be speaking twice this next week. On Sunday, March 1st I’ll speak at COAST (http://www.coastfishclub.com/ncms/) in Costa Mesa, California at 12:30 pm on fancy livebearers; how we breed and raise them. Then Friday, March 6th, I’ll speak at the San Francisco Aquarium Society (http://www.sfaquarium.org/drupal/) at 7:00 pm about our hatchery operations. Susie is accompanying […]

Gus Dog in Rain Barrel

Gus Cooling Off

Today it was 97°F (~36°C) mid-afternoon. Gus, our two year old Mountain Cur mix (that makes him a mutt’s mutt), found the heat and humidity too much and cooled off in one of our rainwater collection vats. He sat in the water for several minutes before going into our air-conditioned office to shake off the […]



Today we processed our Sciaenochromis fryeri (commonly known as Electric Blue Ahli Cichlids). But, this blog isn’t about them; it’s about plecostomus. We put our breeding colonies of cichlids, usually 6 males and 40-50 females, in 300 gallon vats, where they stay for three to four months before we harvest the young cichlids. Our greenhouses […]