Limia perugiae

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    Though I obtained my limia perugiae locally from a pet store ( a rare find in my location) , I have found this species to be very hardy and not at all fussy about its conditions. At least that is my experience and I would highly recommend them. If they came from Goliad Farms , they would be probably be even more healthy and vigorous than pet store stock. . I’m experienced in keeping more common livebeares such as guppies, mollies, and platys- and I find this species of limia to be easier to keep than many of individuals of the aforementioned species I have kept.

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      I also find Limia perugiae to be hardy, with one exception. Years ago I had a large number of L. perugiae and I then acquired L. vittata. Shortly after quarantining the latter species, I introduced them to our large recirculating system. All our L. perugiae promptly died. Apparently the L. vittata carried a disease that didn’t harm them or any other fish (many other livebearers) on the system. Later, I acquired another group of L. perugiae, which after quarantine, thrived. My working theory is that the original population of L. perugiae was susceptible to whatever the L. vittata carried. The thousands of L. perugiae that died were all descended from a small handful of original fish and were apparently not genetically resistant to whatever their relatives, L. vittata, carried. The second group of L. perugiae I got apparently was genetically resistant.

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