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Blue Peacock is an aquarium strain derived from one or more of the peacock cichlids from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa. It is an aquarium strain of uncertain parentage. We developed this strain from our Blue-OB Peacock strain by selecting for the non-OB characteristic and solid bright blue coloration. Non-OB is recessive to OB, so the non-OB appearance in our fish indicated some of our breeders carried the recessive allele for non-OB. We continue to select for a solid deep blue fish. Males often reach 15cm (6 in.). Females are considerably smaller. Males are bright blue with darker blue vertical bars on the sides. Males sport pointed anal and dorsal fins and elongated pelvic fins. They also have a few gold egg-spots on the anal fin. Females are drab silvery-gray color with faint dark vertical bars. Females, unlike the males, don’t have pointed fins. This fish’s ancestors hail from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa.

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