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Ameca splendens

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Ameca splendens is a Goodeidae from Central Mexico. Our strain was acquired at the ALA convention auction at Kalamazoo in 2004. This fish is either very threatened in nature or may even now be extinct in the wild. This fish has a common name, the Butterfly Goodeid, which is hardly easier than the scientific name. Males reach about 2.5 inches. Females grow to about 3.0 inches. They reproduce at much smaller sizes and continue to grow, albeit slowly after reaching sexual maturity, until they die. Males are oval shaped fish with lilac to blue bodies with pink iridescent scales, a dark dorsal. The caudal is clear then black and then yellow. Females have grey to lilac bodies with a sprinkle of black dots. Their fins have black parallel markings. Their geographic range includes Rio Teuchitlan and Rio Ameca in Jalisco, Mexico.

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