Sky Blue OB Peacock

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Sky Blue OB Peacock is an aquarium strain of a peacock cichlid from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa. It is an aquarium strain of uncertain origin. We developed this color strain from a selection of our Blue-OB Peacock strain. We began developing this color strain in 2005. Males often reach 15cm (6 in.). Females are considerably smaller. Males are colorful with sky blue and yellow-pink bodies and fins. Females have a brown-gray background body coloration with yellow highlights and blackish mottling. This fish’s ancestors hail from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa.

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1 review for Sky Blue OB Peacock

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    Wow, pretty ?

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      The Skyblue OB Peacock is a favorite of mine. Photos don’t really do it justice, fading the sky blue color to white.

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