Labidochromis caeruleus ‘Gold’

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Labidochromis caeruleus ‘Gold’ is a mbuna cichlid from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa. Our strain is from a commercial source. We acquired the strain in 2003. Males can reach 12.5cm (5 in.). Females are somewhat smaller. Both sexes have gold bodies and black fins with white fin margins. The caudals are gold and blue. Males have slightly brighter coloration and somewhat more pointed anal and dorsal fins. Some females lack the black in the fins. This fish hails from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa.

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    Hi, I need some advice My Cichlids Malalwi Mubu are sacnpirg on decorations and the gravel,The tank is only 1 mounth old, I have had my water tested and everything was in the safe range. They are not showing any signs of flukes or anything else..I just added 4 more and within 5 minutes they were sacnpirg too. Any suggestions?Thanks, Doug

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      Doug, Sorry for the very tardy reply. Somehow your question got buried and I just found it (along with a few others). When fish scrape their sides they are being irritated by something. Often, that is uncomfortable water conditions. What are your pH, hardness, and ammonia levels. Malawi fish like hard alkaline and water and might be “itching” due to conditions outside that. Your pH should be at 7.5, I prefer higher. Calcium carbonate hardness should be above 200 ppm. Crushed limestone is a great substrate for Malawi tanks because it helps maintain hardness and pH at levels the fish like. Ammonia (nitrate and nitrite are good surrogates for this) should be as close to zero as possible.
      Another cause of scraping is parasites. Malawi cichlids are resistant to most external parasites, especially if water conditions meet their requirements. Any good dye (malachite green or methylene blue are good, don’t use acriflavine if you want to breed the fish). I prefer formaldehyde and salt. Adding salt to 6 ppt (6 grams per litter) will kill most external parasites.
      I hope this isn’t too late to help.

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