Red Cherry Shrimp

Neocaridina denticulata senensis (Red Cherry Shrimp)


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The Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina denticulata senensis) is a freshwater shrimp from Taiwan. Both sexes are red, but females tend to be brighter red. They are reputedly algae eaters, but we haven’t found that to be true. They will eat any fish food and make reasonable good scavengers. They reproduce readily in aquaria. The eggs are kept under the mother’s abdomen until they hatch. The nauplii can survive in a community tank if there is adequate cover to hide in. The make great nano-tank denizens and do well in planted tanks. Ours are grown in livebearer tanks and some even survive in our cichlid tanks. They also make excellent cichlid food and bring out red, orange, and yellow colors in the fish.
We acquired this shrimp in 2006 from a retail customer, Village Tropicals (now Fish Gallery) in Houston, Texas. From the original half dozen we have raised hundreds of thousands of shrimp. Pricing is for a single shrimp, 10 shrimp, or 20 shrimp.


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