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Photo of a male Labidochromis caeruleus commonly called Lemon Yellow Lab.

Labidochromis caeruleus ‘Gold’

Photo: A male Labidochromis caeruleus ‘Gold’ or ‘Lemon Yellow Lab.’ We raise a lot of African cichlids, especially those from Lake Malawi in East Africa. One of these is very popular with our aquarium maintenance customers due to its bright yellow coloration. This species is Labidochromis caeruleus ‘Gold.’ The ‘Gold’ designation indicates it is the […]

non-gold dragon blood males

Non-Gold Dragon Blood Peacock

The photo is of two Non-Gold Dragon Blood Peacock Males. A couple of days ago, I released a blog on Dragon Blood Peacock cichlids (see: http://goliadfarms.com/dragon-blood-peacock-cichlid/), which I had written months ago and had failed to post. This blog is an update on the genetics of the Dragon Blood Peacock. We found two types of […]

Photo of a Dragon Blood Peacock male

Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid

Photo is of a Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid male, one of our breeders. A while back, we processed two breeding vats of dragon blood peacocks. This is a strain we got from www.livefishdirect.com in November 2012. The photo shows a typical male of this strain. We grew the fish to maturity and set them up […]

Photo of a male Lemon Peacock.

Lemon Peacock Cichlid

Photo: Male Lemon Peacock Cichlid Sometimes our customers send to us fish they would like for us to raise. One such fish came from Fish Gallery in Houston (http://www.thefishgallery.com/Houston) in November 2012. We received a couple dozen one to two inch golden, black eyed juvenile peacocks. I wasn’t very impressed with the fish since I […]

Male Skyblue OB Peacock.

Our Peacock Cichlids

Photo: Male Skyblue OB Peacock with male Blue OB Dolphin in background. Below is a reprint of the feature article from our May newsletter. If you’d like to subscribe to the monthly newsletter go to: http://goliadfarms.com/blog/ and enter your email address under the Subscribe section to the right. Peacock Cichlids One of my favorite things […]