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Photo of Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula pair

Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula (the Redtail Goodeid)

Photo is of a pair of Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula (the Redtail Goodeid). This is a nice little fish we’ve had since 2004 when we bought them at an American Livebearers Association auction. They were originally collected from the Rio Tamazula in Mexico by Rusty Wessel prior to that time. This fish belongs in the […]

Photo of adult pair of Ameca splendens.

Ameca splendens

This is one of the 40+ Goodeids, a family of livebearers hailing from Mexico’s central plateau. This fish is possibly extinct in the wild, although I’ve heard recent reports a wild population has been found. We’ve had A. splendens for probably a decade. For some reason our database doesn’t have the information we usually keep […]

Ameca Splendens Pair

Your First Goodeids

I recently got an email from Dustin Holschuh that gave me the idea for this blog. Actually, under pressure from our web-wizard (Susan Harkey in Austin), I decided to kill two birds with one stone by combining my answer to Dustin with this blog. Dustin wrote, “I’ve been reading your articles in TFH for about […]