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Photo of a Giant Sailfin Molly male.

Blue and Giant Mollies

  Photo: A male Giant Sailfin Molly showing his size against a one-inch grid. About four years ago, I wrote an article about my efforts to produce a blue molly. A molly blue enough for my tastes doesn’t exist. This blog will provide an update. First, I’ll summarize the article. In 1998, I crossed a […]

midnight blue sailfin mollies

Midnight Blue Sailfin Molly

Photo shows a shoal of Midnight Blue Sailfin Mollies. This molly, the Midnight Blue Sailfin Molly, is a relatively new creation of ours, but it has a long pedigree. I’ll quote myself in an article published in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. “In October 2008 I set up a test cross of Poecilia petenensis, one of […]