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Blue Opal Wag Maculatus Female

Blue Opal Wag Maculatus

The photo is of an adult female Blue Opal Wag Maculatus. This is a commercial (domestic) maculatus-type variety that we are developing. First, why do I say maculatus-type? Because, while it has the general shape and fins of Xiphophorus maculatus, it is of hybrid parentage. Since it has a wag pattern, black fins, it has […]

Pigeon Blood Sailfin Molly Female

Pigeon Blood Sailfin Molly

The photo is of a mature female Pigeon Blood Sailfin Molly. This is a domestic (commercial) molly strain we developed in 1999 while our hatchery was still in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The strain resulted from a cross of Poecilia latipinna, San Antonio River, a population of wild sailfins I collected in 1998 along the […]

Particolor Dolphin Cichlid Male

Particolor Dolphin Cichlid

The photo is of a mature male Particolor Dolphin Cichlid. Our Dolphin Cichlids, which presently come in several varieties including Particolor, Royal Blue, Blue OB, Gold OB, Red-Finned Blue, Skyblue OB, and Blue & Gold, are aquarium strains we’ve been working on since 2006. To develop these strains, we started with a handful of males […]