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An aisle in Aquazoo, a Mom & Pop retail fish store, near Houston, Texas.

Aquazoo, a Thriving Mom & Pop Fish Store

The photo is of the interior of our customer Aquazoo. A while back, I blogged about the Demise of Mom & Pop Fish Stores and the impact on our business. That blog received a number of responses. One response was private. It was from the owner of AquaZoo in Houston (okay, between Houston and […]

female hifin lyretail redwag sword

April 2015 Photo Contest

Photo: Female hifin lyretail redwag sword In our April 2015 newsletter we ran a photo contest (refer to the photo above). Here’s what the contest stated: “The winner of this photo contest will be the first to correctly identify the two dominant fin genes expressed by the female redwag swordtail pictured below. English is sufficient; […]