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Photo of two Amazon mollies, Poecilia formosa.

Poecilia formosa – Amazon Molly

Photo: Two Poecilia formosa, Amazon mollies, collected from Coleto Creek at Highway US 77 in Victoria County, Texas.   December 12, 2017, four of us plus two German Shepherds went collecting on Coleto Creek in Victoria County, Texas (see my blogs: http://goliadfarms.com/coleto-creek-collecting-trip-december-21-2017/ and http://goliadfarms.com/lucania-goodei-the-blue-fin-killifish/). During that trip, we collected a unique molly, Poecilia formosa, the […]

Photo of Coleto Creek at US Hwy 77 with German Shepherds Oso and Maya. Photo by Anne Rokyta.

Coleto Creek Collecting Trip – December 21, 2017.

Photo by Anne Rokyta: Coleto Creek at US Highway 77 with German Shepherds, Oso and Maya.   December 21, 2017 was warm, an occurrence happening more and more frequently lately. The weather was sunny, and temperatures hovered around 80°F (~27°C). It was a perfect first day of winter for fish collecting. Our nephew and his […]

Photo of a group of Lucania goodei from Coleto Creek, Texas in a sorting jar.

Lucania goodei, the Blue Fin Killifish

Photo: A group of Lucania goodei, the bluefin killifish, in a sorting jar.   While collecting fish in Coleto Creek in Victoria County, Texas (I’ll be blogging about this collecting trip shortly) with our nephew (Darin), his wife (Anne), and three-year-old daughter (Sylvie), Darin picked a fish out of the seine net and asked me […]

Photo of a pair of Giant Redtail Blue Variatus and two mature male Redtail Blue Variatus.

Giant Redtail Blue Variatus Update

Photo: Our breeding male Giant Redtail Blue Variatus and one of his females. The two smaller fish are mature Redtail Blue Variatus. A while back I wrote about a new strain of fish we were developing (see: http://goliadfarms.com/giant-redtail-blue-variatus/). This blog gives a mixed bag of updates. The Giant Redtail Blue Variatus, as its name indicates, […]

Very young male Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid in a shipping bag.

Acclimation Procedures

Photo is a young male Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid in a shipping bag. Acclimation Recommendations The principals of Goliad Farms, Inc., after decades of collecting, raising, shipping, transporting and importing tropical fish, have developed methods of acclimation tropical fish. Some of these techniques conflict with generally accepted practices, but are based upon direct experimental experience. […]

Photo of Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula pair

Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula (the Redtail Goodeid)

Photo is of a pair of Xenotoca eiseni, Rio Tamazula (the Redtail Goodeid). This is a nice little fish we’ve had since 2004 when we bought them at an American Livebearers Association auction. They were originally collected from the Rio Tamazula in Mexico by Rusty Wessel prior to that time. This fish belongs in the […]

Two juvenile Orange Sailfin Mollies

Orange Sailfin Molly

About a year ago, I was sorting through some Peaches & Cream Sailfin Mollies when I noticed a very orange young male. I set him aside for breeding, giving him seven young Peaches & Cream females. Today, after a couple more generations, I’m approaching my goal of an orange sailfin. The photo shows a couple […]

A group of Poecilia reticulata (guppy) from McCauley Spring, New Mexico.

Poecilia reticulata, McCauley Spring, New Mexico

Photo shows a group of Poecilia reticulata from McCauley Spring, New Mexico Across the Rio Grande River from Santa Fe, New Mexico are the Jemez Mountains. Nestled in the canyons of these mountains is a warm spring named McCauley Spring. McCauley Spring feeds a mountain stream about a yard across and maybe 10 inches deep. […]

Gambusia clarkhubbsi habitat

Gambusia Road Trip – Day 5

Photo shows San Felipe Creek in Del Rio, Texas, home of Gambusia clarkhubbsi. The dogs, Tally, Gus, Oso, and Maya enjoyed romping in the creek. Day five started early because it was going to be a long haul. From Marathon we would follow US 90 to Del Rio, TX past Seminole Canyon State Park, a […]