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Wolf Spider and Cockroach

Wolf Spider – Hogna species

One morning in the warehouse I saw this wolf spider running across the floor with an American cockroach in its jaws. The surroundings in the photo include a cold pack (which someone should have put up…hint, hint, Ashley, a hatchery tech who should have put it away), an empty 5-gallon water jug (people who didn’t […]

Garden Spider

Garden Spider – Argiope aurantia

A few weeks ago a young female Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia) found her way through our warehouse and shop into our office. We first noticed her and her web to the right of our 130 gallon display tank. She has since moved to the other end, probably because one end of web was anchored to […]

Gus Dog in Rain Barrel

Gus Cooling Off

Today it was 97°F (~36°C) mid-afternoon. Gus, our two year old Mountain Cur mix (that makes him a mutt’s mutt), found the heat and humidity too much and cooled off in one of our rainwater collection vats. He sat in the water for several minutes before going into our air-conditioned office to shake off the […]