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Gambusia georgei habitat in San Marcos, Texas.

Gambusia Road Trip – Day 1

Day one started off slowly. First, I had check the greenhouse water pumps, something I thought would be done the day before. Second, we had load up supplies. Fortunately, Susie aided in this task (she desperately wanted us gone). We finally pulled away from the farm only five hours late at 11:00 a.m. I had […]

A bunch of minnow around my feet at San Salomon Springs

Frozen in Balmorhea State Park

In January, one of my daughters and I made a trip around west Texas and southeastern New Mexico looking at rare Gambusia. One of these was G. nobilis an endangered fish. One of its homes is San Salomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park at Toyahville, Texas. While at the park we tried to photograph this […]

California Bound

I’ll be speaking twice this next week. On Sunday, March 1st I’ll speak at COAST ( in Costa Mesa, California at 12:30 pm on fancy livebearers; how we breed and raise them. Then Friday, March 6th, I’ll speak at the San Francisco Aquarium Society ( at 7:00 pm about our hatchery operations. Susie is accompanying […]

Cara on Popup camper with Oso wanting up.

Gambusia Road Trip – Day Minus 1

Gambusia Road Trip – Day Minus 1 Somehow, although I’d had a couple of weeks to plan the trip, suddenly it was the day before the scheduled departure at 6:00 a.m. the next morning (the time Susie wanted us gone). I’d not gotten anything ready. Cara had arrived and was ready. I jumped into action. […]

Cara, Tally, Gus, Oso, and Maya on Gambusia Road Trip

Gambusia Road Trip – the Genesis

Gambusia Road Trip – The Genesis From January 4th to 8th of this year (2015), a daughter (Cara), three German Shepherd Dogs (Tally, Oso, and Maya), a Mountain Cur (Gus) and I went on a Gambusia road trip through west Texas and southern New Mexico. In this blog I’ll tell the genesis of the trip. […]