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Maya's copperhead bite healing two days after being bitten.

Maya’s Copperhead Bite Update

The photo shows Maya’s copperhead bite a couple days after it occurred. Maya, one of our German Shepherds was recently bitten by a copperhead, Agkistrodon contortrix (see my blog:, which are very active at this time of the year. Fortunately, German Shepherds are very resistant to pit viper (rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths) bites. Copperheads […]

Juvenile red sailfin mollies.

Red Sailfin Molly

The photo shows two juvenile Red Sailfin Mollies (above) and a red Swordtail/Platy hybrid (below, for color contrast). I continue to work on new molly strains. For a long time now I’ve wanted to develop a Red Sailfin Molly. I’ve tried various crosses with no discernible progress. Then, about a year ago while sorting through […]

Maya's swollen foot.

Maya’s Copperhead Bite

The photo shows Maya’s foot, swollen from a copperhead bite a couple of hours earlier. Maya is one of our German Shepherd Dogs (GSD). She’s just less than 22 months old and lives here with her brother, Oso, and mother Tally. Here are some links to earlier blogs about the GSDs: and This […]

Tree scaled by chupacabra?


The photo is of the trunk, with missing chunks of bark, of an old Arizona ash tree in our yard. A week or so ago Susie, my wife, and I were sitting on the back porch enjoying a cool evening breeze when I noticed chunks of bark missing from a large ash tree in the […]