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Sunset Variatus

Photo: Male Sunset Variatus I’ve recently begun blogging about the Variatus-type Platies we raise. For a discussion about the meaning of “Variatus-type,” check out an earlier blog I wrote about our Redtail Blue Variatus. This blog concerns our Sunset Variatus strain, which we developed independently to but is visibly identical to the commercially available Sunset […]

Photo of male Redtail Blue Variatus

Redtail Blue Variatus

Photo: A very nice male Redtail Blue Variatus either challenging another male or displaying for a female. We raise a variety of Variatus-type Platies. I say “Variatus-type” because while they look like Xiphophorus variatus (Variegated Platy), they are commercial strains and might have genes from other Xiphophorus species such as X. hellerii (Green Swordtail) and […]