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Photo of a first generation Red Freckled Hifin Swordtail resulting.

Red Freckled Hifin Swordtail

Photo: A first generation Red Freckled Hifin Swordtail male in front of one inch grid to show size. Okay, it’s going to take a while to untangle the genealogy of this fish. Let’s take the female first. The pictured female is large. She’s in front of a one-inch grid that shows she almost four inches […]


Sunset Variatus

Photo: Male Sunset Variatus I’ve recently begun blogging about the Variatus-type Platies we raise. For a discussion about the meaning of “Variatus-type,” check out an earlier blog I wrote about our Redtail Blue Variatus. This blog concerns our Sunset Variatus strain, which we developed independently to but is visibly identical to the commercially available Sunset […]

Giant Redtail Blue Variatus photo

Giant Redtail Blue Variatus

Photo: Pair of Giant Redtail Blue Variatus and male regular Redtail Blue Variatus Xiphophorus species, which include swordtails, maculatus platies, and variatus platies, hybridize readily. A while back I wrote, when I was writing for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine, an article about some hybrids I had been working with. This blog provides an update on […]

Female Blue Maculatus

Blue Iridescent Sword

Once again the urge to create a new fish struck. So, today, while going through our blue mickey mouse maculatus, I imagined the iridescent blue of the platies on a swordtail. I selected a few female platies and, after some thought, picked a male swordtail to father the new color strain. Which sword and why […]