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Canadian Flag

Montreal Aquarium SocieT Talk

In May, David Banks (our host), Susie (my wife), and I drove up Lake Champlain to Canada where I spoke at the Montréal Aquarium SocieT monthly meeting. Dave’s wife, Janine, couldn’t attend due to water board meeting where she was apparently put on the board to inhibit her rabblerousing; I don’t think that worked the […]

Pearl Scale Cichlid

Our Herichthys carpintis (Pearl Scale Cichlid) Spawned in Community Tank

This morning I came into the office to find our pair of Herichthys carpintis, the Pearl Scale Cichlid or Green Texas Cichlid, had spawned in the 130 gallon aquarium. I wasn’t happy. Having seen them building a spawning pit, I’d planned today to clear a vat for them and move them to it for spawning. […]