Green Sailfin Molly Male

Green Sailfin Molly

The photo is of a mature male Green Sailfin Molly.

This is an aquarium strain fish we’ve been working on for quite some time. To develop this strain, we have crossed three wild sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna, P. petenensis, and P. velifera and have selected for large, colorful males.

We raise all three of the wild sailfins. Presently, we have three populations of P. latipinna, Coleto Creek (my favorite), San Antonio River, and Biscayne Bay. I plan to add the Guadalupe River population soon, since they are large robust fish that, unlike other mollies, live in swift water flowing over gravel bars. We now have two populations of P. petenensis, Campeche (via Clemson University) and a population we got from Bobby Ellermann. We have three populations of P. velifera, Campeche (from Clemson University), Isla Mujeres (from Armando Pou), and one from Bobby Ellermann.

The pictured male has lots of genes from Ellermann’s fish. Note the blue in the body. We are working with this fish to produce a blue molly. Also, note the orange stripe on the distal edge of the dorsal. We have crossed fish like him into our Black Sailfin line to improve their orange stripe.

While we maintain pure populations of species such as the three wild sailfins, we don’t hesitate to hybridize to develop attractive aquarium strains. There is room in the hobby for wild type fish kept pure and hybrids. All of our commercial (also called domestic) strains of mollies have been outcrossed to the three wild sailfin species to improve their dorsals, color, size, and vigor. We have used P. latipinna, Coleto Creek extensively since its males hold their dorsals erect all of the time. Its hybrids have won many awards due to this characteristic.