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Photo of male Blue Iridescent Swordtail

Blue Iridescent Swordtail

Photo: An early male Blue Iridescent Swordtail used in the development of the strain. We raise a variety of commercial swordtails. While these fish closely resemble the shape of the wild swordtail Xiphophorus hellerii, they are hybrid strains with genes from other Xiphophorus species such as X. variatus and X. maculatus. All three of these […]

Photo of Red Mangrove tree

Plant Filtration

Photo: Red Mangrove tree in the plant filter. One aspect of our hatchery systems we use to raise fish that always seems to fascinate hobbyists when I speak at fish clubs is our plant filtration system. Goliad Farms exclusively uses plant filtration designed by us through trial and error. We have no carbon or mechanical […]

A group of Poecilia reticulata (guppy) from McCauley Spring, New Mexico.

Poecilia reticulata, McCauley Spring, New Mexico

Photo shows a group of Poecilia reticulata from McCauley Spring, New Mexico Across the Rio Grande River from Santa Fe, New Mexico are the Jemez Mountains. Nestled in the canyons of these mountains is a warm spring named McCauley Spring. McCauley Spring feeds a mountain stream about a yard across and maybe 10 inches deep. […]

Photo of Poecilia mexicana, Campeche

Poecilia mexicana, Campeche

We recently processed our Poecilia mexicana, Campeche. We got this wild molly species in June 2009 from Dr. Ptacek of Clemson University. The “Campeche” notation indicates that Dr. Ptacek collected the fish in Campeche, Mexico. It has proven to be one of our most popular short finned mollies. The photo shows both sexes. The males […]

Blue Gourami - male

Fish Breeding: Trichogaster trichopterus, the Blue Gourami

Below is an article on fish breeding from the August 2013 newsletter. I’m reposting these as blogs so that they are searchable on our website. Fish Breeding: This month I’ll talk about how we breed Blue Gouramis (Trichogaster trichopterus). This fish is the easiest of the anabantids to raise. They are eager and prolific spawners […]