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Photo of a group of Blue Opal Maculatus showing two color variations.

Developing a Hifin Plumetail Blue Opal Maculatus

Photo: A group of Blue Opal Maculatus Years ago I created what I called a Hifin Blue Opal Maculatus, as its name implies a maculatus-type platy. I wrote about creating this fish for Tropical Fish Hobbyist. To read the TFH article see: http://www.tfhmagazine.com/details/articles/the-blue-opal-platy-serendipity-in-breeding.htm. I’ll provide a synopsis of the development of this fish below. Long […]

Gambusia clarkhubbsi habitat

Gambusia Road Trip – Day 5

Photo shows San Felipe Creek in Del Rio, Texas, home of Gambusia clarkhubbsi. The dogs, Tally, Gus, Oso, and Maya enjoyed romping in the creek. Day five started early because it was going to be a long haul. From Marathon we would follow US 90 to Del Rio, TX past Seminole Canyon State Park, a […]