Archive / July, 2016

Photo of a copperhead snake eating a green anole lizard.

Copperhead Eating Lizard

Photo: by Ky Harkey of a copperhead feasting on a green anole lizard. About this time of the year our copperheads (Agkistrodon contortrix) switch from cruising around in the evening and early night for emerging cicadas and June bugs to climbing into shrubs to feed on green anoles (Anolis carolinensis). The photo above was taken […]

Photo of baby rescued Cardinal on yard fence.

Rescuing a Baby Cardinal

Photo: Rescued baby Cardinal perched on fence. This afternoon our German Shepherds (Canis lupus hybrids), Oso and Maya, and I (Homo sapiens) were walking up to the yard from the greenhouses when the dogs alerted to a distressed chirping sound in the grass off the path. Following the dogs I found a large Texas Rat […]

Photo of race official directing racers to downstream check-in and portage.

Manning a checkpoint for the Texas Water Safari, the world’s TOUGHEST canoe race!

Photo: Charles Clapsaddle directing racers to downstream check-in and portage. Susie (wife), Carl (son), Tony Kouba (friend and fellow Canoe Trail Goliad enthusiast), and I spent Sunday through Wednesday manning on the behalf of Canoe Trail Goliad ( the final checkpoint on the Texas Water Safari ( canoe race, “The world’s TOUGHEST canoe race!” Our […]