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Photo of three fingernail clams, Sphaerium corneum, on a finger.

Update on Fingernail Clams, Sphaerium corneum

Photo: Closeup of three Fingernail Clams, Sphaerium corneum, on a finger. Okay, I thought I could get away with a short blog (see my previous blog: http://goliadfarms.com/fingernail-clams-sphaerium-corneum/), but right off the bat its shortness and lack of natural history led to a question from Tim Gray, a fellow fish keeper and friend. He asked, “Do […]

Photo of adult fingernail clams.

Fingernail Clams, Sphaerium corneum

Photo: Some fingernail clams on a hand. The few spiral shells are dead pond snails. A couple of years ago, we started noticing some small white, translucent clams living in the bottom of some of our vats. I idly wondered what they might be. It wasn’t until I read an article by Sara Sneath a […]

Very young male Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid in a shipping bag.

Acclimation Procedures

Photo is a young male Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid in a shipping bag. Acclimation Recommendations The principals of Goliad Farms, Inc., after decades of collecting, raising, shipping, transporting and importing tropical fish, have developed methods of acclimation tropical fish. Some of these techniques conflict with generally accepted practices, but are based upon direct experimental experience. […]

A group of Poecilia reticulata (guppy) from McCauley Spring, New Mexico.

Poecilia reticulata, McCauley Spring, New Mexico

Photo shows a group of Poecilia reticulata from McCauley Spring, New Mexico Across the Rio Grande River from Santa Fe, New Mexico are the Jemez Mountains. Nestled in the canyons of these mountains is a warm spring named McCauley Spring. McCauley Spring feeds a mountain stream about a yard across and maybe 10 inches deep. […]

An aisle in Aquazoo, a Mom & Pop retail fish store, near Houston, Texas.

Aquazoo, a Thriving Mom & Pop Fish Store

The photo is of the interior of our customer Aquazoo. A while back, I blogged about the Demise of Mom & Pop Fish Stores http://goliadfarms.com/demise-mom-pop-fish-stores/ and the impact on our business. That blog received a number of responses. One response was private. It was from the owner of AquaZoo in Houston (okay, between Houston and […]

California Bound

I’ll be speaking twice this next week. On Sunday, March 1st I’ll speak at COAST (http://www.coastfishclub.com/ncms/) in Costa Mesa, California at 12:30 pm on fancy livebearers; how we breed and raise them. Then Friday, March 6th, I’ll speak at the San Francisco Aquarium Society (http://www.sfaquarium.org/drupal/) at 7:00 pm about our hatchery operations. Susie is accompanying […]

Canadian Flag

Montreal Aquarium SocieT Talk

In May, David Banks (our host), Susie (my wife), and I drove up Lake Champlain to Canada where I spoke at the Montréal Aquarium SocieT monthly meeting. Dave’s wife, Janine, couldn’t attend due to water board meeting where she was apparently put on the board to inhibit her rabblerousing; I don’t think that worked the […]