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Photo of Oso the German Shepherd and his Texas rat snake.

Baby Texas Rat Snake

Photo of Oso apprehensively observing the baby Texas rat snake he had captured. The day before winter solstice, the official start of winter, Oso, our male German Shepherd Dog, and Sunshine, our female rescue mutt, went missing mid-morning. Suspecting they weren’t up to anything good, I went searching. The search was short. Just around the […]

Photo of baby rescued Cardinal on yard fence.

Rescuing a Baby Cardinal

Photo: Rescued baby Cardinal perched on fence. This afternoon our German Shepherds (Canis lupus hybrids), Oso and Maya, and I (Homo sapiens) were walking up to the yard from the greenhouses when the dogs alerted to a distressed chirping sound in the grass off the path. Following the dogs I found a large Texas Rat […]

Photo of race official directing racers to downstream check-in and portage.

Manning a checkpoint for the Texas Water Safari, the world’s TOUGHEST canoe race!

Photo: Charles Clapsaddle directing racers to downstream check-in and portage. Susie (wife), Carl (son), Tony Kouba (friend and fellow Canoe Trail Goliad enthusiast), and I spent Sunday through Wednesday manning on the behalf of Canoe Trail Goliad (http://www.canoetrailgoliad.com/) the final checkpoint on the Texas Water Safari (http://www.texaswatersafari.org/) canoe race, “The world’s TOUGHEST canoe race!” Our […]

Sadie's copperhead bite

Copperhead Bites Sadie

Photo: Sadie on sofa about a half hour after being bitten by a copperhead. I hadn’t planned on blogging about copperheads any more for at least a year, but Sadie our son’s family’s rescue pit bull was bitten, so here goes copperheads again. In previous blogs I’d explained that copperheads congregate in and around our […]

Maya's swollen foot.

Maya’s Copperhead Bite

The photo shows Maya’s foot, swollen from a copperhead bite a couple of hours earlier. Maya is one of our German Shepherd Dogs (GSD). She’s just less than 22 months old and lives here with her brother, Oso, and mother Tally. Here are some links to earlier blogs about the GSDs: http://goliadfarms.com/puppies-new-greenhouse-walkways/ and http://goliadfarms.com/gambusia-road-trip-genesis/. This […]

Gambusia clarkhubbsi habitat

Gambusia Road Trip – Day 5

Photo shows San Felipe Creek in Del Rio, Texas, home of Gambusia clarkhubbsi. The dogs, Tally, Gus, Oso, and Maya enjoyed romping in the creek. Day five started early because it was going to be a long haul. From Marathon we would follow US 90 to Del Rio, TX past Seminole Canyon State Park, a […]

Gambusia georgei habitat in San Marcos, Texas.

Gambusia Road Trip – Day 1

Day one started off slowly. First, I had check the greenhouse water pumps, something I thought would be done the day before. Second, we had load up supplies. Fortunately, Susie aided in this task (she desperately wanted us gone). We finally pulled away from the farm only five hours late at 11:00 a.m. I had […]

Cara, Tally, Gus, Oso, and Maya on Gambusia Road Trip

Gambusia Road Trip – the Genesis

Gambusia Road Trip – The Genesis From January 4th to 8th of this year (2015), a daughter (Cara), three German Shepherd Dogs (Tally, Oso, and Maya), a Mountain Cur (Gus) and I went on a Gambusia road trip through west Texas and southern New Mexico. In this blog I’ll tell the genesis of the trip. […]