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Photo of Coleto Creek at US Hwy 77 with German Shepherds Oso and Maya. Photo by Anne Rokyta.

Coleto Creek Collecting Trip – December 21, 2017.

Photo by Anne Rokyta: Coleto Creek at US Highway 77 with German Shepherds, Oso and Maya.   December 21, 2017 was warm, an occurrence happening more and more frequently lately. The weather was sunny, and temperatures hovered around 80°F (~27°C). It was a perfect first day of winter for fish collecting. Our nephew and his […]

Photo of a copperhead snake eating a green anole lizard.

Copperhead Eating Lizard

Photo: by Ky Harkey of a copperhead feasting on a green anole lizard. About this time of the year our copperheads (Agkistrodon contortrix) switch from cruising around in the evening and early night for emerging cicadas and June bugs to climbing into shrubs to feed on green anoles (Anolis carolinensis). The photo above was taken […]

Photo of blooming geranium

Winter in South Texas

Photo: Geranium (actually genus Pelargonium) after winter in South Texas. Winter in our area continues to become milder. When I was a child, several decades ago, we had winters with real freezes, several of them a year. (By the way, when did we quit capitalizing seasons and directions?) A typical winter had several killing freezes. […]

A bunch of minnow around my feet at San Salomon Springs

Frozen in Balmorhea State Park

In January, one of my daughters and I made a trip around west Texas and southeastern New Mexico looking at rare Gambusia. One of these was G. nobilis an endangered fish. One of its homes is San Salomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park at Toyahville, Texas. While at the park we tried to photograph this […]


Resurrection Palm

The title of this post is misleading since it’s really about a cycad not a palm, but most people don’t know the difference and cycads do look like palms. The particular cycad in question is probably in the genus Dioon, but we don’t know which species. I got this plant in 1975 having rescued it […]

Blue Peacock Cichlid

Blue Peacock

The photo is a six-month ago male Blue Peacock. This fish has an interesting history and pedigree. In 2003, after Hurricane Claudette crushed our first greenhouse in Goliad and destroyed much of our breeding stock of rainbowfishes and livebearers, we decided to expand into cichlids, especially those from Lake Malawi. These fish were popular and […]